Powered by Globe Labs: Share Treats Uses the Globe Labs Charging API to Reach More Customers

I was late for my mother’s birthday, but not the cake!

A packed schedule is definitely not a problem, with the new service called Share Treats. With Share Treats, you can send treats to your loved ones even without the luxury of time. With just a few clicks, you can send a digital sticker and a treat bundle to your family or friends. Just log in with your Facebook account and choose the perfect treat bundle for the occasion. Then enter your mobile number and pay for your preferred treat through your prepaid load or postpaid credits.

With the Globe Labs Charging API in place, merchants and other service providers get the digital tools to offer more payment channels to their customers. The Globe Labs Charging API gives the customer a convenient and accessible mode of payment by providing an alternative payment option aside from credit card or over the counter payments. Payments are processed in real time too so customers are assured of a seamless transaction.

There’s no need to wait for a convenient time, you can send your favorite treats to your loved ones with Share Treats. Share treats from the current line-up of merchants: Sugarhouse, Auntie Anne’s, The White Hat, Empanada Especiale, The Sandwich Guy, Candy Corner, Chef Tony’s, Brownies Unlimited, Big Chill and Mrs Fields. Check out http://sharetreats.ph and let your loved ones know that you remember them by sending their favorite treats straight from your mobile phone.

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